Guiding you to...

Deeply connect with your womb and unearth the wisdom & power of your menstrual cycle 

Guiding you to...

Deeply connect with your womb and unearth the wisdom & power of your menstrual cycle 

Dear Womb Holder,

I'm Lindsay Sara


I guide cyclical beings like you to connect to your intuition and to trust your body deeper than ever before.

I see you... Just like nature, you aren’t meant to feel the same each day.

Our patriarchal society puts this expectation on you, but this is your permission to live by the rhythms of your womb, the moon, and the earth, just as your ancestors did.

You are so worthy of honoring your body in this way, and it would be a privilege to be your guide.

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Let's make magick together...

Uterus and moon painting

Fertility Awareness

Take back your reproductive freedom

I’ll help you learn the language of your menstrual cycle to become an informed and empowered advocate for your womb health, understand how to avoid pregnancy naturally, and optimally time conception.

I’m ready to CHART my cycle
Goddess in a field

Cyclical Living

Live in flow with your menstrual cycle

I’ll support you in attuning to the rhythms of your womb through deepening your connection to the moon and the earth so that you can flow through life intuitively engaging in self-care that aligns with your cycle and your mood shifts.

I’m ready to EMBODY my cycle

Client Love


Before working with Lindsay, I felt disconnection, confusion, and mistrust toward my womb, but now I LOVE MY CYCLE! I feel so connected to my body, the seasons, the earth, the moon, my intuition, and my sisters. I feel like a Goddess, and I feel SO powerful!


I used to see fertility awareness just as an opportunity to leave the pill behind. After working with Lindsay, I now see it as life changing.. It has truly given me my life back. I now have freedom and a much deeper understanding of my body than ever before.


Lindsay helped me find freedom and guided me in a gentle yet powerful way to reclaim the science, magic, and spirituality of my cycle and my own intuitive nature. I’ve been able to rid myself of personal, ancestral, and societal stigma, shame, trauma, and fear.

The Wombspace Podcast

Wombspace weaves science and spirituality to explore the magick of the menstrual cycle, avoiding pregnancy naturally, conscious conception, and your innate connection to the moon, the earth, and your ancestors.

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