Trauma-informed support to unearth the wisdom & power of your menstrual cycle through cyclical living, natural birth control, conscious conception, and womb healing

Trauma-informed support to unearth the wisdom & power of your menstrual cycle through cyclical living, natural birth control, conscious conception, and womb healing 

Dear wild one...

I'm Lindsay Sara, LMSW (she/her)


I created Flow With Your Flow to support all people with wombs of every sexual orientation and race
to reclaim their connection to their cyclical nature

I guide wild souls like you to live in tune with the phases of your menstrual cycle, avoid pregnancy naturally, consciously conceive, and heal your womb after trauma

This is an LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC affirming space

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This is your invitation to...

Live by the rhythms of your womb, the moon, and the earth, just as your ancestors did

Take back your reproductive freedom and avoid pregnancy naturally 

Consciously bring new life into the world if you choose to

Anchor into the inner wisdom and power of your womb space

Let's make magick together...

Rewilding Your Womb

The self-paced cyclical living course to transform your menstrual cycle into a self healing ritual and live in sync with the ebb and flow of your energy and mood

Learn how to support yourself physically & emotionally in each cycle phase to live a vibrant and balanced life. Through viewing the moon cycle and seasons as a reflection of your own cycle, you'll be guided through meditations, rituals, nutrition tips, and healing practices to align your life with your cycle.

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Fearless Membership

The monthly membership to learn the fertility awareness method with ongoing support so you can avoid pregnancy naturally, time conception, and understand your cycle health

Whether you're new to fertility awareness or a seasoned charter seeking a sounding board, you'll find support here. Fearless combines a self-paced fertility awareness course with an empowering community group and live calls so you get to learn fertility awareness at your own pace with my ongoing support

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1:1 Womb Healing

The 1:1 customized journey to anchor into your inner wisdom and power through releasing stored emotions and cultivating a deep connection with your womb space

You'll be supported through processing and heal stored emotions after sexual trauma, abortion, medical trauma, and miscarriage in your life or in your ancestry. We'll explore healing modalities that align with the phases of your menstrual cycle so that your cycle becomes a guide and a tool to facilitate your healing evolution. 

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Client Testimonials

"Before working with Lindsay, I felt disconnection, confusion, and mistrust toward my womb, but now I LOVE MY CYCLE! I feel so connected to my body, the seasons, the earth, the moon, my intuition, and my sisters. I feel like a Goddess, and I feel SO powerful!"

"I used to see fertility awareness just as an opportunity to leave the pill behind. After working with Lindsay, I now see it as life changing.. It has truly given me my life back. I now have freedom and a much deeper understanding of my body than ever before."

"Lindsay helped me find freedom and guided me in a gentle yet powerful way to reclaim the science, magic, and spirituality of my cycle and my own intuitive nature. I’ve been able to rid myself of personal, ancestral, and societal stigma, shame, trauma, and fear."

The Wombspace Podcast

Wombspace weaves science and spirituality to explore the magick of the menstrual cycle, avoiding pregnancy naturally, conscious conception, and your innate connection to the moon, the earth, and your ancestors.

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Free Womb Meditation 

The 7 minute meditation practice to listen to your inner wisdom and know what your womb needs to feel supported every day

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Free Womb Connection Meditation

The FREE 7 minute practice to know how to support your womb in every phase of your menstrual cycle

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